Don’t You Hate The Asterisks And Fine Print?

Let Book Your Award expose* the questionable tactics of the airlines and credit card companies and even other award booking services.

* But first, let us expose you to our unquestionable role as your ally and advocate:
  • Our company principal Gary Leff is 6 consecutive year and running ‘Conde Nast Magazine ‘Top Travel Specialist’.
  • We have crested over 4.5 Billion (not a typo!) miles worth of elsuive low cost ‘Saver’ award tickets.
  • Our staff smarts combined with our software smarts and mileage bloodhound vigilance, generates successful award search hunt results over 97% of the time.
  • We are the only company that offers personal service of initial 20 minute phone appointments to ensure that you are clear about the complexities in award searches, point transfers, and other tricks that airlines use to confound and obstruct award bookings..



4.5+ Billion




Route: Boston to Singapore Points Redeemed Routing
Airline (Peak Award) 400K to 600K, Need
to purchase, 200K+
at 3.5 cents per mile.
1 stop,
2 hour connection
Book Your Award (Saver Award) 160K to 220K, No
need to purchase
additional miles.
2 stops,
3 and 4.5 hour connections

Book Your Award’s mission:

“Find those elusive low cost ‘Saver’ awards and keep the trade-offs as reasonable as possible.”

We beat the airlines at their own game.

Airlines Claim: “Use your miles to travel where you want and when you want”

Book Your Award Deciphers The Fine Print: If you are willing to part with the airlines ‘Peak’ award mileage redemptions that are 275-525% more than the low-cost ‘Saver’ awards for international Business Class awards.

The ‘Saver’ awards typically include more stops and/or longer connections and traveling +/-1 day from your target travel dates. 

Ready to book your trip?

Route: Boston to Singapore Points Redeemed Routing
Airline (Peak Award) 400K to 600K, Need
to purchase, 200K+
at 3.5 cents per mile.
1 stop,
2 hour connection
Book Your Award (Saver Award) 160K to 220K, No
need to purchase
additional miles.
2 stops,
3 and 4.5 hour connections

Book Your Award’s Mission:

“Our strategy is to transfer your points to a partner airline program for an outright award instead of a paid airfare offset. We have the staff expertise and technology tools to search dozens of credit card airlines across dozens of routings.”

We beat the credit card companies, too.

Credit Card Companes Claim: “Who better to help you redeem your points than us — the company that issues your points?”

Credit card company phone staff are trained to offer you a paid airfare and offset it by valuing your point balance at 1 cent per point.

They won’t admit it, but the fact is they don’t have the award search tools, technology or knowledge to offer better value airline partner transfers.

And frankly, they don’t have the incentive to execute point transfers, because the more points you redeem, the less point liability the company has with you. 

Already sold? Let’s get started.

Other booking companies don’t compare.

Other Award Booking Service Claims: “24/7 access, large staffs” Book Your Award shows you under the hood.

The economics and logistics of our business is either hire a dedicated staff like us whose tenure is measured in years or hire a bunch of independent contractors on commission whose duration with those companies are typically measured in months.

 Book Your Award’s Mission:

“We take your account privacy and security seriously. So, we ensure your account info is submitted via industry standard secure encryption to avoid public email chance of fraud.

Because we only have established long term staffers, there are no risks of boiler-room moonlighting subcontrators with unproven track records of client accountability.

If we don’t think we can find you a suitable award, we will actually tell you, so you have no risk being forcefed a sub-optinal award value.”

We don’t make promises, we just try to make sense.

Our pricing is simple. We charge a flat-rate fee for all round-trip bookings, and you only pay once your ticket is booked. The process is 100% risk-free.

Round-Trip Booking

$ 199 / passenger

A round-trip ticket with an included stopover.

  • You can arrive and depart from different cities.
  • Want to see a second city? One stopovers is included, so go ahead and see London AND Paris
  • We will best use your points to help you book the trip of a lifetime
  • Voluntary cancellation after booking finalized are $90 per award, plus any airline cancellation fees
  • Voluntary changes after booking finalized are $90 per award, plus any airline cancellation fees
  • Multi-stop pricing available on request


Despite our creativity and resourcefulness, we can only find low cost ‘Saver’ awards that airlines choose to (NOT!) release. So, 95% of awards that we find are ‘next-best’:

  • Maybe an extra stop and/or longer connection.
  • Maybe a separate pre-positioning domestic economy flight and airfare.
  • Maybe high taxes for awards to Europe or with airlines like Emirates or Singapore.
  • Maybe book only one way award and have to stay vigilant for unbooked sector….which we find over 97% of the time.


We listen to our customers, not bloggers or third party review websites about which airlines offer suitable Business Class experiences.

And our company principles Gary and Steve and their family and friends personally fly and vet every airline we recommend to folks like you.

Put your miles and points to good use.


We go the extra mile

Each Book Your Award booking comes with a couple of awesome perks — here’s a look:


During the week of departure, there’s a 10-15% chance of improving your award booking.

We welcome you to contact us for a complementary search 4 to 5 days prior to your departure to find these improvements.

These include moving your flight closer to your preferred date, reducing the number of connections, reducing your travel time, or upgrading your class of service.


We want to empower you to keep traveling.

After you complete your booking, you’ll receive a listing of time-sensitive mileage and credit card promotions and bonuses.

This valuable information can help you re-earn 40,000 to 100,000 miles, so you can jumpstart your next award trip.


Q: What happens if you’re unable to find an award for me? How much do you charge for your time?

A: $0.00. That’s right, if we can’t successfully find an award that meets our mutually agreed upon parameters, we won’t charge you a penny!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept credit cards and checks. Paying by credit card will incur a 2.7% service fee.

Q: What happens if I make a voluntarily change to my flight(s)?

A: All voluntary changes are subject to a $95 fee per person per one way ticket, per direction from Book Your Award. In many cases, the airlines will also impose a change fee, which generally ranges from $125 to $250 per person. There also may be difference in taxes charged.

Q: Can I use my miles to upgrade a paid ticket?

A: We do not offer an upgrade service. You will need to contact whichever airline you have mileage with directly.

Q: What are airline taxes and fees, and why do I have to pay them on my free award ticket?

A: Airline taxes and fees cover three main expenses. The first two are federal and airport taxes. For example, all flights coming into or out of the United States are subject $5.60 “9-11 Security Fee.”

Each airport and country around the world have varying taxes they levy on passengers, regardless of whether or not it’s bundled into the ticket price.

In the case of award tickets, because there is no charge for the ticket itself, they have to collect these fees separately.

The last expense they cover are “fuel costs.” These fuel surcharges are the only one of these costs that vary from airline to airline. Some, like British Airways can charge as much as $600 per person, each way!

Others, like United charge virtually nothing – less than $10.00. Unfortunately, none of these taxes and fees are avoidable. When we book your award flights, to ensure the highest levels of security, we pre-pay these fees on your behalf and then add them to our invoice at the end.

Don’t worry though, they won’t come as a surprise; we will notify you of all applicable out-of-pocket expenses as part of our final proposal to you before completing your award booking.